A Visit To Silver Pagoda


Located in the southern portion of the Royal Palace complex, Silver Pagoda (in Cambodia: Wat Preah Keo Morakot) is the most beautiful and famous pagoda in Cambodia not only for its special architecture but also for the cultural values. It presents the typical architecture of Cambodian temples. The pagoda was formerly known as Wat Uborsoth Rotnnaram, which was built from wood in 1892 but was damaged later. In 1962, Queen Kosamak Neary Rath asked King Sihanouk to rebuild it using reinforced concrete. The floor was laid with 5239 silver tiles and the columns were covered with glass stone imported from Italy. However, there are only mall areas of these tiles are available to be seen by the public. Because the pagoda was paved with silver, so Westerners call it "Silver Pagoda". Currently, there is no monk lives here, it just a place to hold the ceremonies of the nation or Royal Family.

Silver Pagoda is a home to many religious monuments with more than 1600 valuable objects. In the center of the tower is a Jade Buddha statue. Stand in front this statue is a Buddha Statue made from gold, weight 90 kg and decorated with 2086 diamonds in the different size. The biggest one situated on the crown.

Special constructions in the pagoda

Mural: Surrounding pagoda is four walls arranged as roofed revolve with the total of 642 m in length and 3 meters in height, on which covered with continuous painting describes the content of classical India epic. These murals were painted in 1903-1904 by a group of artists under the direction of Oknha Tep Nimit. However, some parts of this wall painting have been ravaged due to weather. In the 1930s, the hall was used as classrooms for monks. Visitors should walk in a circle to see the entire story. This hall later has been damaged, especially the lower part, which decreased the beauty of these murals.

Library: Inside the pagoda, there is a small library located right next to the main hall, in which preserve the religious sutra, the image of a sacred bull named Nandin and some Buddha statues.

Hill Mondop: This artificial hill represents mount Kailassa. In the peak of the hill is a small altar that contains the footprint of Buddha. This hill is decorated with 108 Buddha images representing 108 souls of Buddha. Beneath the hill is a small stream. It is said that if you wash your face with the water from this stream, it will bring you good luck. Besides, there is a tree that the local here usually write their prayers on leafs.

Statue of King Norodom: The statue siNorodomts on a horseback in the grounds of the Silver Pagoda. It was made by French artists in 1875 at Paris and was given to Cambodia by King Napoleon III in 1892. In front of the statue is a small pond with beautiful white lotuses.

Practical Information

The Silver Pagoda is open to the public every day from 7.30 AM to 11 AM and from 2 PM to 5 PM unless there is official function scheduled. The entrance fee is about 25000 Riel (around $7). Tourists should cover their knees when visiting Silver Pagoda to represent the respect for the culture of Cambodia.